How to cope with a multi-billionaire relative who denies, neglects and invalidates his biological family: Roll with the punches!

“A Matter of Family” by Gloria Kingsnorth

True Story (except for pseudonyms)


“Genius is near to insanity” This Gloria Kingsnorth will find to be true as she embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about her family’s dark past. A child who is born of rape and secreted away later emerges as a wealthy tycoon who will use his influence and power to rewrite his past. Gloria is about to discover that their lives have been inextricably linked by a web of deception and betrayal. This expose` is Kingsnorth’s attempt to liberate the truth from a dark and painful past. It is her hope that healing may now begin.

Pages 62 and 63
….Obviously you do not want to have anything to do with your natural father after finding out the truth behind your conception and what he did to your Braut half-siblings, Grant, but did you have to acknowledge his adult children, your eight half-siblings, as your “long-lost cousins” on an entertainment show, which I term Firm Reprint? I am quite sure it was on September 24, 2004, when I watched the celebrity gossip show and the reporter, Mary Catcher, stated, “Grant Wilson Billings has found some long-lost cousins named Summers” or something like that. The video clip showed who I realized were seven or eight of my Braut cousins walking into an office building at night! Barbara was at the front of the line with, who I think was the youngest, Albert. Luke, Jacob, Simon, and Ian followed, not necessarily in that order; and Harmony and Gina were at the end of the line! As they walked into the building being filmed from behind, someone there, probably a reporter, shouted something; and Gina turned around to face the camera! I am not impressed, Grant! It was like a slap in the face! I could not and did not want to believe what I had just seen and heard! Do the media even have to know who parades in and out of your office buildings? You did not have the media recant their statement with the correct term, “half-siblings.” Instead, soon after broadcasting reports about you a couple of times from a television station in Detroit, Firm Reprint then just disappeared altogether! What was that all about, Grant? Did you get tired of the annoying reporters wanting to know a bit about your true roots? I am curious, Grant, exactly how long have my uncle Martin’s adult children been pretending to be your cousins? I guess you never expected any of your real biological cousins to see that episode!….

Page 215

I got the message loud and clear, that you are related, Grant, a couple of times between June and September 2004 on the entertainment show I refer to as Firm Reprint. Once, to my surprise, the blond female reporter, who I refer to as Mary Catcher, mentioned that you acknowledge your ancestors’ names as Kingsouth and C-Stable. I stood there with my mouth wide open, shocked, as my suspicion was confirmed! The media failed to mention our grandmother’s and grandfather’s surnames and the surnames of the three generations of descendants following them! Why did you skip four generations there, Grant? It is ironic that the media broadcast the correct maiden names of our great-grandmother and our great-great-grandmother from our Braut lineage, but fear and red tape has forced me to use pseudonyms!

Pages 411-413
“. . . You just have to let it go, even though you know it’s not right, because I can never see him being man enough to own it.” I told her about the magazine article, “Grant Wilson Billings IV’s Relatives Are Mental!” Joni expressed, “Seems to me now that you mention it, and I am not one who reads that gossip magazine, but I remember hearing someone say something about that article.” She said she saw you on a program right around that time… being interviewed in depth by a female on a major network and that she thought you looked like a dip. She told me that they mentioned you have family residing in the Lower Mainland. Joni remarked, “Money talks, Gloria! It is sick and twisted, but what can you do?” She stressed that I do not have the money to fight you, and then she asked me what I am going to do, what my alternatives are. She felt I have to put up with it.

Your paternal family members do not and have never had adequate access to justice. We have a valid claim of you and your cohorts’ betrayal and continual unrelenting harassment, but we do not have the funds to fight you. We do not have the funds to fight you, cousin, but I do have the intelligence to write my story. I told her that I would publish my story. Joni expressed, “Yeah, other than that, you really cannot do anything. All you can do is put it on paper, if you can even get it published because I imagine he would control almost all of that. Wealthy people stick together.” She advised me to write my story and register it, and that is exactly what I have been doing for over seven years now.

I told Joni that I have been trying to forget the past, but my cousin has made me recapitulate it, and it is like being slapped in the face repeatedly! Joni remarked, “You have always been the strong one, Gloria . . . You have to pull in your own energy, make yourself strong again because it’s like I said, ‘They have knocked you down.’ Right now, basically Grant Wilson Billings is tapping your energy!” I asked Joni, “Like a psychic vampire?” Joni replied, “Yeah, because it’s almost they make you to the point of being obsessive-compulsive on it.” She advised me to relish in the fact that I know I am right. I told her that is no consolation, and she agreed. Joni stressed, “You know that you are not mental, you have to just be strong in your mind.” I asked the medium, “What do you think he is trying to do, get me to kill myself so he doesn’t have to worry about stalking me anymore?” Joni replied, “There’s a lot to be said for that thought, isn’t there?”  She advised me to wait until I get my book complete, until I register it, to give you a couple of weeks and see what your reply is. She thought that I should go to the press if I receive no reply from you. I was surprised she said that because at that point, I had already made up my mind not to send you another letter. Sending you another letter would be like trying to communicate with a brick wall, and I am not that crazy! Joni determined, “He [Grant] is not going to acknowledge anybody anyway. With his kind of wealth, he does not have to.” I asked Joni, “Not even say, ‘Hi, I’m your long-lost cousin’?” She claimed that you would never acknowledge your biological paternal family because we do not mean anything to you….


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