Multi-billionaire Brown Noser

My husband told me he saw you on the news cousin, along with a Canadian political bigwig and your musician friend who always seems to have his hand in your back pocket. He told me you were all smiling, celebrating your fund raising efforts and donations to foreigners in other countries to combat their health problems. What about North Americans and our physical and mental health problems? What about our serious lack of jobs, affordable housing and our homeless crises? I know many people, including some of our relatives who are now jobless, homeless or on the verge of homelessness and suffering ill health, including two who have recently been diagnosed with infectious tuberculosis. I think you are a brown-noser to foreigners, and a traitor not only to your Canadian and American paternal blood relatives, but to all North Americans!

Multi-billionaire Brown Noser

A Multi-billionaire’s Fabricated History

“A Matter of Family” by Gloria Kingsnorth

True Story 

…. August 3, 2007….. After I made my wish, the psychic medium picked up my cup, and she looked at the coffee granules stuck to the inside of it. Willow exclaimed, “Oh, your wish is a yes, and I have your prayer going out for this!” She could see that I am starting to believe, not necessarily in earthly things, but in higher things because then I feel safer. Willow told me that I am creative, hugely creative; and then she asked me if I like arts. I told her that I have been writing a book. The medium offered, “Thanks, because that is arts . . . So keep going with it because it comes to a conclusion and then you feel better. It takes off you what you have been holding . . . the secrets.” I added, “It is long overdue.” Willow replied, “Yes.” She said I am at a new place where I am myself again, no longer a puppet, but a whole person. Willow remarked, “You have stopped being like a wooden puppet, you have moved away from the carver. They carve out of you what they wanted, and you did not need that.” She determined that I am good at picking up signals from people and learning what to do with them. Willow explained, “It is like, ‘I just need to know, I do not need to argue with people. If I know my truths, I really do not need to argue with anybody.’” I told her that people could take this with a grain of salt or a whole box of it for all I care. It does not matter to me because I do not need to argue when I know the truth, and God knows the truth.

… she finds it interesting because I am carrying things from other lifetimes and I am under the veil of something, which she felt is a cloth, like a royal cloth. She could see that there is a story that was hidden and hidden and hidden. Willow expressed that sometimes I am saying, “I am going to be true to what I have worked on.” She seemed to know how I have done some heavy-duty work on myself, and she insisted that I will not be pushed around when I know what I know. I replied, “That’s right, before they were—” But Willow cut me off midsentence and continued, “People, from a distance, trying to intimidate you and push you around!” To me it was like, “Finally, someone who knows exactly what I am going through!” I exclaimed, “Yes, you would not believe how badly!” It amazes me by how accurate her reading was since I did not tell her very much about you …

I was not too surprised when Willow told me that royalty is there in the coffee grains, something about royalty because other psychics have told me the same thing. I offered, “I am sure my cousin likes to think and play act like he is royalty… The medium explained, “It is really interesting . . . because sometimes blue blood is really crazy.” I added, “Genius nut bars!” She told me that they could absolutely be harmful, which made me cringe. Suddenly, Willow blurted out, “He is actually a liar!” I agreed with her. She told me that you continually lie, cousin, and you weave those lies like a woven rug! Willow determined, “You would have felt smothered, as if you were under wool . . . you know, the itchy kind . . . because now you are out from underneath the panic.” You have pulled the wool right over our eyes, cousin! We are tired of being smothered by your fabricated history! You have gotten away with your lies for far too long; and the only reason why is because we were never made aware, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you are our blood relative! I do not see why the true roots of one of the world’s richest men should have to lose their identities at the expense of his hidden birth records!

Willow asked me if I think that you have left me and moved on with your life, Grant. She believed that you are taking a break from stalking me. She felt that you had somebody else in your life to stalk at the time. I believe that the only reason you are laying off me is that you realize it is too dangerous that you will be found out! I was a bit agitated when Willow asked me, “Did he physically attack you?” I told her that you have not, not personally. The medium determined, “He will make like you are crazier than a big ass bird!” I replied, “Yes, I am expecting that!” I was not so surprised that Willow would say that, since the world only knows us as your mental relatives, Grant. I am sure the cohorts whose pockets you line with silver and gold are prepared to continue your deception at any cost, to make me out to look “crazier than a big ass bird,” as Willow claimed you will! Of course, you cannot tell the truth now, Grant, your lies are too far gone. Your lies remind me of a cold medicine commercial, “Aw . . . you poor baby, you lied!” As if people are supposed to feel sorry for a disgraceful liar! You have lied on paper and on television about your true roots. You have put on a big act because everybody knows you as that person. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott). You must feel trapped because you have told so many lies and half-truths that you must feel there is no going back!

Not long ago, a man fooled the world into thinking that he is a blood relative of an ex-president. I asked my husband why he thought the man would lie like that, and he told me that the magazine probably paid him to lie. I cannot help but wonder if it was one of the magazines in which your Whichkin relations and/or adoptive family has interests in, Grant. It makes me think that your cohorts may have tried to create a story where there was none in order to draw attention away from something bigger and long overdue. Unlike that fool, Grant, I am not fooling! Under the circumstances, I am trying to be as honest as I can. I told Willow that people can do the research themselves if they are interested. Willow insisted there will be people who are interested, and they will want to know. You can claim ignorance, cousin, and make it seem as if I am just some crazy person, as Willow believes you will. If you would like to claim that I am just a crazy person, I want people to know that you are lying, and you have gotten away with your compulsive lies for far too long!

Willow wanted to know why she had the word “America” in the grains. I told her that you own a lot of property out there and that I have several American cousins living in Seattle. The medium offered, “Thanks, because I got [in the coffee grains] American ties.” I told her that you acknowledged my cousins as your cousins, when they are in fact your half-siblings. Willow asked me, “Is it the father that’s the thing?” I told her my cousin obviously does not want the world to know about his mentally ill father. Willow determined, “They are going to anyway because you will expose this!” She said I would get it published. It surprised me that she seemed so sure of herself, so certain. I had seriously thought about getting my story published, even if I have to self publish it. I told her that you might try to prevent me from getting it published, but Willow claimed that you would not even know it is coming because I do not talk to you and you are not paying attention to me anymore. She said that you are not doing things to rock my world anymore because you know it is dangerous if you do, dangerous that your lies will be uncovered. The medium determined, “There is light around you, there is light around you, so it will not be happening.” I exclaimed, “My cousin cannot intimidate me, I am not a pushover!” …

The psychic medium sensed my fear and anxiety about the matter, and she told me that she believes I will be around for a long time yet. I asked Willow, “Really?” I told her that ever since I found out about one of my first cousins, I have been having terrible nightmares where I have died or I was killed. She asked me if it is usually by this cousin. I told her that it is not you personally doing it, Grant, but you are always in the dream when I die. I doubt you will be the cause of my death, but you may be a contributing factor! Willow advised me, “When you go to sleep, ask God to explain your dreams, to show you resolution to this, to show you what you should do, because then you will feel better and have peace in your heart ’cause you have been in anxiety for four years, without proper sleep or proper waking hours.” I was astounded she could see that! I confirmed, “This has been on my mind so much that some nights I lay down and I cannot sleep for hours and hours because I keep thinking how terrible it is what he [my cousin] has done.” Willow remarked, “Well, he is not the first one who has done that, he came from very little and he has amassed a fortune and he would tell you, ‘I worked it.’” Nonetheless, Willow seemed quite sure my wish would come true. I told her that I do not blame you for not wanting to be made out to be a liar, cousin. I realize how intent you have been on hiding the truth not only from your paternal family but also from the whole world, and I believe you would claim that we are not your blood relatives until you are blue in the face in your high-pitched, convincing, whinny voice …

I see that we are not the only mental people in your family for being interested in and listening to what a psychic has to say for him or herself! I saw a popular talk show on television, and at the end of the show, a plain-looking fat woman stood up in the audience and asked the talk show host’s intuitive friend, “Will the world find out about Grant Billings’s relatives?” I was surprised the woman asked that question, and I wondered why in the world she would ask that particular question. I could not see any reason why anyone would waste his or her only question to a world-famous psychic by asking that specific question, unless of course it was of interest to that person. The audience member looked an awful lot like Joanne Whichkins, the woman whom I believe is married to one of your uncles, Grant. I believe it was her pretending to be an average Joe, just curious about your relatives! The psychic woman replied, “No.” She turned to the talk show host and stated, “But you will . . . you will hear it from a girl.” As the show ended, the medium whispered something into the host’s ear, which I believe was a suggestion. I suspect that Mr. Benson’s psychic friend whispered that he should not get involved if I send him a letter because there is whacko stuff in the family and it is far too stressful and much too big of a headache. Obviously, that question was of concern to your uncle’s wife, Grant, and the psychic medium’s reply must have made her very happy! I do not know why the psychic would tell Joanne that the world would not find out about your blood relatives. What Joanne and most of the world should realize is, what a psychic foresees is not written in stone. People are gifted with free will, Grant; and just as you have used your own free will to betray and backlist your true biological paternal family members, I am using my own free will to expose you and your other family members for your dishonesty. I am using my own free will to put an end to any misconceptions people may have about your biological family members …

Since I wrote my story, I have discovered our family lineage is directly descended from major English and French royalty via the Plantaganet lineage, Katherine Manners and Sir Robert Constable. Our royal lineage goes all the way back to King Henry I and beyond. I now realize that the vehicle I saw driving ahead of me one day last summer, with many of our family’s coats of arms on its bumper, must have been you cousin!

A Multi-billionaire’s Fabricated History